Our story

Hi there! Thank you for supporting my business!

 My name is Leyla; I am a Peruvian architect and the founder & designer of ANDINA.

I have been living outside of Peru for almost eight years, always driven by my love for travelling and career and… that's how I landed in Toronto a few years ago!

Since that first day, I fell in love with this city, its multiculturalism and its people. But as some of my good friends know, besides my family, my beliefs, and my friends, I can't leave without my Peru (especially Peruvian food! LOL)

 I have always been proud of my heritage and Andean culture, and with that in mind, I decided to create something that allows me to connect my home with my other home (isn't it cool that the flags are almost the same? … it was always meant to be!…)

I created ANDINA to bridge my present and past, my people with my new people and my modern design vision with my Peruvian heritage and tradition. 

 For me, art and design can be a way to help make the world a better place, and I strongly believe in fair trade artisan work and design collaboration. Along with a small team of Peruvian artisans and embroiderers, we design these pieces thinking of beauty, uniqueness, and joy.

By revealing my culture to my new home, Canada, I intend to help raise my Peruvian artisan community's quality of life, empower them through their work, and contribute to Canada's fantastic diversity. 

 I am grateful for all the support ANDINA has received, the phenomenal people I meet every day & the positive impact we can deliver to the world… Additionally, I can't thank you enough for allowing me to stay connected to my roots while I settled new ones in this beautiful country!

All best,