Enhance your home decor with the stylish and on-trend accessories from Andina. Elevate any space with our unique and curated collection.


ANDINA - Accessories

Discover trendy, handcrafted pieces that combine creative designs and colorful embroidery. Add a touch of artistry to your wardrobe.

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ANDINA values heritage and legacy. Our brand concept is to
create unique pieces bridging the historical with the contemporary to preserve
identity and reveal it to the modern world. 

Our products result from a fusion of Andean traditions,
ancestral knowledge, and outstanding manual skills with a modern vision and
designs. This makes our products a contemporary expression to excite and
inspire the senses while valuing the past.

 Our pieces are co-created between my two worlds, designed
in Toronto and especially handmade by Peruvian communities who are carriers of
ancestral textile heritage, thus making it one-of-a kind.